Hi. If you’ve reached this tiny corner of the internet … you’re probably lost. Hopefully you have a map in your inventory. I typically go by the handle of nullPointer (or some derivation thereof) on forums and other online communities. One of my lifelong hobbies is playing, collecting and participating in the culture of video games. I also enjoy writing from time to time, so at the nexus of these two interests I’ve found that I enjoy writing some final thoughts on games after having beaten them. Over time these reviews have become scattered across various corners of the internet. So the intent of this blog is to bring those reviews together under one roof. So that way when I’m trying to recall my thoughts regarding a given game I don’t have to try to remember a GeoCities link from 2007. As an added bonus, if I ever develop Alzheimer’s I can have my wife read me these reviews like in The Notebook. Fare thee well traveler, wherever thine adventures take thee.