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  • Romancia: Dragon Slayer Jr. (Famicom)

    Romancia: Dragon Slayer Jr. (Famicom)

    (Review archived from March 26, 2023)(English Translation by DvD Translations) Charitably it needs to be said that Romancia was easily the most “modern feeling” iteration of Dragon Slayer at the time of its release. Among other things it has the distinction of being the first Dragon Slayer game in which your sword attack has a…

  • The Goonies (Famicom)

    The Goonies (Famicom)

    (Review archived from January 11, 2018) The Goonies is a game that I have been meaning to play for a long time, primarily due to a question I always had regarding its sequel The Goonies II. As a kid I was never entirely certain whether The Goonies II on NES was intended to be a…