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  • DonPachi (Cyclone’s Best) (PS1)

    DonPachi (Cyclone’s Best) (PS1)

    (Review archived from January 4, 2019) I’m pretty sure the translation for the phrase ‘DonPachi’ means ‘LoveHate’. Okay I totally made that part up, but it perfectly describes my experience with this game. I loved the non-stop action and the thrilling amount of firepower unleashed when your weapons are fully charged. I loved the graphics…

  • The Dame Was Loaded (PC/GOG)

    The Dame Was Loaded (PC/GOG)

    (Review archived from April 30, 2018) The Dame Was Loaded is a decent adventure game and a particularly nice example of FMV done right. What we have here is a classic hard-boiled detective story filled with wisecracking mooks and dames in snappy dress with even snappier comebacks. If you’re thinking Sam Spade and Phillip Marlowe,…