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  • Silent Hill 2 (PC)

    Silent Hill 2 (PC)

    (Review archived from October 15, 2018) In my restless dreams,I see that town.Silent Hill.You promised you’d take methere again someday.… But you never did. Well I’m alone there now …In our ‘special place’ …Waiting for you. If you’ve played Silent Hill 2 before, you know these words well. Heck, if you’re a superfan you can…

  • Grand Theft Auto III (PC/Steam)

    Grand Theft Auto III (PC/Steam)

    (Review archived from April 21, 2015) Every legend begins somewhere, and Grand Theft Auto III is the game that laid the foundation not only for the entire GTA series as we know it today, but in many ways for the entire open-world sandbox structure of games that continue to enjoy popularity. It’s been said that…