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  • Ninja Gaiden Shadow (GB)

    Ninja Gaiden Shadow (GB)

    (Review archived from April 8, 2023) Ninja Gaiden is another in a long line of popular 8-bit franchises to have tested the waters with a Game Boy release. My past experience with Game Boy franchise installments has been rather excellent! Legend of Zelda made an incredibly solid transition to Nintendo’s portable system. Mega Man retained…

  • Shadow of the Ninja (NES)

    Shadow of the Ninja (NES)

    (Review archived from November 15, 2018) I’d go so far as to say that Shadow of the Ninja is one of the best ninja games released on the NES. And given the popularity that ninjas enjoyed during the lifespan of the NES, it’s a console that featured a fair number of games featuring them. Even…