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  • The Zork Anthology (PC/GOG)

    The Zork Anthology (PC/GOG)

    (Review archived from January 30, 2019) In some ways it’s a bit unfortunate that text adventures fell out of favor as graphical processing became more and more advanced, and consequently (I would imagine) due to the idea that graphical adventure formats were more palatable ‘to the masses’. After all, even in the modern age, no…

  • Cube Escape Series Retrospective: Part 1 (Android)

    Cube Escape Series Retrospective: Part 1 (Android)

    (Review archived from October 31, 2018) I have to be completely honest here. I played a lot of horror games in October. And as the close of the month drew near I was starting to face some burnout. Well, maybe ‘burnout’ is the wrong word for it. I was facing some significant indecisiveness regarding what to play…