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  • Salamander Portable: Gradius 2 (PSP)

    Salamander Portable: Gradius 2 (PSP)

    (Review archived from January 4, 2019) This is the tale of two reviews, one which addresses the base game of Gradius 2, and another which speaks to this specific port of the original MSX title. In terms of the game itself, Gradius 2 is … fine … I guess. It expands a bit on the arcade game, but these…

  • Salamander Deluxe Pack Plus: Salamander (PS1)

    Salamander Deluxe Pack Plus: Salamander (PS1)

    (Review archived from April 25, 2018) Shoot’em ups are always an interesting genre for me. By and large I completely suck at them, but because I completely suck, it’s almost as if they become that much more interesting to me. They’re like this ungraspable ‘other’ that I can never fully comprehend, and the harder I try to do so, the farther…