Costume Quest (PC/Steam)

(Review archived from October 26, 2014)

A lightweight but enjoyable RPG brought to you from the mind of Tim Schafer.  This one can get by on it’s wit, charm, and good looks alone.  The story is that you’re a kid out trick-or-treating on Halloween in a town that’s mysteriously being overrun with Monsters.  The hook is that various costumes you collect grant you new and various powers in battle.  The candy you receive through trick-or-treating is the in-game currency.  And of course the game has that fantastic sense of Tim Schafer zaniness throughout.  It’s all great fun.  If the game has a weak point it’s that the combat is very repetitive.  That’s not to say it’s not enjoyable mind, but once you’ve built your party, the exact same combat strategy can essentially carry you through the rest of the game.  The issue is compounded due to the fact that both your HP and powered attack level reset after every battle so there’s not a lot of strategy that goes into how and when to go into battle (or whether to run).  Be that as it may, the game is a hoot and a holler and I’d recommend it to any RPG fan looking for something lighthearted that can be completed in a short amount of time.






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