Maniac Mansion Deluxe [LucasFan Games] (PC)

(Review archived from January 20, 2016)

I had beaten this game on the NES, but never on the PC which to my mind is probably the definitive version. In order to mix things up a bit I opted for the LucasFan Games remake version of the Maniac Mansion (thus the Deluxe designation), and I was not disappointed. The updated graphics are quite nice, and nothing was left out. This game has all the magic and charm that you might expect from a LucasArts adventure game. Having said this, there are some elements of the game which make it feel a bit dated in terms of modern sensibilities. It is very much a product of the Eighties in terms of its humor, cultural references, and stylistic choices. But more than anything I think the game lacks modern pacing. This is a bit of a plodding game, which is to say that while the pacing in Maniac Mansion was an improvement upon even older adventure titles (like the early Sierra ‘-Quest’ games for example) it’s going to feel like it moves at a dogged pace for those more accustomed to something along the lines of Telltale adventures. Still and all though this is a masterful game, and although it may have ultimately been eclipsed by its sequel, it remains an essential experience for all adventure game fans. Speaking of which, I’m looking forward to diving into Day of the Tentacle at some point in the near future, and if I bide my time properly, I can probably hold off long enough for the release of the shiny new remastered version.






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